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  • TI-Edit 0.3.1

    Screen Capture You like TI-Basic, it helps you make time shorter during your courses. But when school is over why would you stop programming on your beloved calculator ? But at this moment it is less important to be
  • EditHistory 2.1

    Annoyed by edit fields without History drop-down, so you have to re-type every time that you open a dialog box? editHistory is a program that converts regular edit fields into combo boxes and adds a list of your most
  • BitDefender Definitions Update 13.0.163

    You can keep all your security programs up to date by using BitDefender Definitions Update program that is published daily and contains all the virus definitions and scan engines
  • InternetNotePad! 1.8

    InternetNotePad! is just like the notepad program issued with Windows machines, but enables you to work over the Internet. It's great for updating web pages no more edit, upload, edit, upload some more.. when you can
  • TextCite 1.4

    TextCite is a program for organizing and commenting textual citations from texts (books, articles, or other published works) for use in producing scientific or academic publications. You can organize by publication,
  • Actual Startup Pro 2.55

    Advanced manager of programs that are run at system's start. Allows to view, add, edit, MOVE, delete, temporary disable and monitor (using periodical checking) startup tasks. Displays descriptions for the programs
  • Cabri II Plus Plug-in 1.4.5

    With this plug-in you can visualize and manipulate Cabri II Plus figures published in web pages (preferably IE or Firefox) or Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint). The person who reads the documents will then be
  • Web Show FX+ V1

    Web Show FX+ will allow you to easily create professional web galleries ready to be published on the web. Just add your images, click a few buttons to create the web galleries, and use the powerful FTP function to uplo
  • Article Manager 1.0

    Now you can keep track of all your published articles with inclusive software application Article Manager. It is very easy to use and offers users exclusive methods for organizing published article. It includes database
  • StartUp Organizer 2.9 SR2

    Startup Organizer is a Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP program that was developed to provide quick access to all of the programs that are automatically started when you turn on or logon to your computer. Using Startup
  • Kingsoft Office for Android Free 4.0.2

    Kingsoft Office for Android is an efficient mobile office solution made exclusively for cell phones and tablet devices running the Android OS (2.1 or later versions). The latest version, Kingsoft Office for Android
  • Megamind: Mega Team Unite 1.0

    Megamind is a 2010 video game based on the film of the same name. Several video game tie-ins published by THQ were released on November 2, 2010 to coincide with the film's release. An Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version
  • Web Acappella 3.0.240

    For professionals (online business, commercial promotion...) or personals (passion, collection, travels..) who want to create a Website in few click and publish it in just one click! Fully compliant with Windows,
  • Web Acappella for Mac OS X 3.0.240

    For professionals (online business, commercial promotion...) or personals (passion, collection, travels..) who want to create a Website in few click and publish it in just one click! Fully compliant with Windows,
  • StartupXPert 2.1

    StartupXPert is a powerful utility that displays and allows to manage "startup" programs. The application displays the list of programs that are automatically launched at every system start. It lets you inspect, edit,
  • Programs Explorer 2.0

    programs Explorer - utility to manage applications in autostartup, memory, uninstall list, file associations. Autostartup list contains installed programs that can automatically launch every time you start up your
  • Redline Single Player 1.0

    Redline is a 1999 post-apocalyptic combination first-person shooter/racing video game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Beyond Games and published by Accolade. In Europe, the game was known as Redline - Gang
  • Source Edit 4.0

    Source edit is an editor especially made for developers but can of course be used as a regular text editor as well. It natively supports the following languages: ASP, PHP, Java, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Pascal, Perl,
  • Clupper 1.3

    Clupper is a powerful tool to easily upload the contents of your clipboard. Screenshots, files and text can be published with one click. The URL to the published content can be re-copied to the clipboard so you can
  • Girs Games Cute Pack 3.5

    Games for girls - very special selection of tools that will surely be useful with facebook and personal blogs. These programs allow you to edit Mermaid, Fairy, doggy or playroom. Huge choice of stuff such as fashionable
  • Photo Album Studio 2.0

    Photo Album Studio allows you to manage and distribute your digital photos. It provides an interface to catalog your pictures(jpeg and gif) in virtual albums that can be published in hard drive, burned on a CD(burner not
  • ActiveStartup (Business license) 1.45

    ActiveStartup is program for Windows95/98/Me/NT/XP which allows you to manage programs which load from Registry, Win.ini and Startup Menu at Windows Startup. Using ActiveStartup, you can inspect, edit, and/or temporary
  • MadLab PICLAB 2.1

    PICLAB - a low-cost combined PIC programmer/tester board. Includes free downloadable BASIC compiler. Source code for most of the MadLab kits containing PICs. A useful resource for anyone learning about these
  • Algebra calculator 2.0

    The best algebra calculator there is. It is not just a calculator you can write your own programs on it. Here is a Brief discription of the exciting powers of Algebra calculator: >Can store up to 15 functions at run
  • Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1

    Manage and remove windows startup programs Scott's Windows Startup Program manager is a utility designed to let you manage the programs that automatically start when your Windows PC boots up. These programs are
  • AccuSpell 2008 1.0

    AccuSpell's award winning technology delivers real-time spell checking and thesaurus functionality for most Windows programs. AccuSpell automatically finds and highlights spelling errors in all programs that use
  • 123VideoMagicPro 5.0

    Green screen software is one of the main keys to chroma key photo editing process. Features of 123 Video Magic Pro are: * 123VideoMagic is a user friendly software that can either be used to record a new video using a
  • Vcl2Xml 1.0

    Library Vcl2Xml is a tool to use XML format for objects from Delphi VCL classes. Microsoft dynamic link library msxml.dll is used. Attributes of elements are published properties in classes. So class TPersistent is used
  • Matrices Calculator 2.0

    The best matrices calculator there is. It is not just a calculator you can write your own programs on it. Here is a Brief discription of the exciting powers of matrices calculator: - Can store up to 15 matrices at
  • Default Programs Editor 2.4

    It is a Context Menu editor, an autoplay editor, and Default programs association editor; essentially, the settings in the "Default programs" Control Panel PaGE. It's a replacement for the "File Types" dialog in Windows